Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to add SQLDEVELOPER to Linux Start Menu

How to add SQLDEVELOPER to Linux -GNOME- programs /start Menu? Well, I liked to have a shortcut to SQLDEVELOPER added to Linux Start Menu, similar to Windows  Programs Menu automatically. Since SQLDEVELOPER does not do that, we need to manually add an entry to the programs folder. (By the way, this procedure can be used to add any executable or shell program to the linux menu).

I have enclosed below screenshots to help understand the procedure.See


Click on New Item (Screen 2)

Third, Click on the Browse Button (Screen 3)


Fourth, navigate to the directory where is kept (Remember to click on and not on exe; usually it will be located at $ORACLE_HOME/sqldeveloper and select (Screen -4)


This will bring you back to Screen 3. Now Click on "No Icon" button.  (Screen-5)


 Navigate to $ORACLE_HOME/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper/bin and select splash.png (Screen-6)

Click OK, you will the program appear in the menu. (Screen-7)


When you click on the program you will see a screen like the one below (Screen-8)

Once launched, SQLDEVELOPER should look like the screen below (Screen-9)

Note: Since I have 11g installed and 11g comes with SQLDEVELOPER, I need to locate the latest SQLDEVELOPER. Used locate command to determine the path (see below). The first one is latest version.

Update: This has been published at Oracle SQLDEVELOPER tips & tricks as well Click here to goto SQLDEVELOPER Exchange

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Wade said...

If you are logged into your Linux session with a regular account you may get a permission error. If so, you can preface the command line with "sudo -u oracle" where oracle is a user with the correct rights for SQL Developer. Also, check "run command in terminal" However, The logged in user will need sudoer rights.